Tuesday, April 9, 2013

X Lanes and Japan Arcade Refreshing

 X Lanes had a little event leading up to it's opening scheduled some time in May for the Little Tokyo Galleria last Saturday, April 6th. You could get some customized bowling balls ready for the bowling alley/ entertainment center. The floor plan was released at the event, which you can see above. It looks to be a huge area to get lost in on the third floor of the galleria. I'll have more on it's opening as info comes in.

On the second floor Japan Arcade has been cleaned up. Family Fun arcades best games have been moved in from it's closing. Instead of random posters on the wall it's just video game posters. Video game posters and lanterns, simple and clean interior. Many machines have been repaired, maybe two were off, but having a working and clean arcade finally got through to the people running the place.

Don't forget they sell some odd video game merch and plenty of cheap snacks and drinks inside.

                                 Taiko Drum Master's drum's are fixed!