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Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 Indian Film Festival Eega

 Eega or simply "Fly" was shown Thursday night at the 11th annual film festival to a crowd which had no idea how much they would be laughing at the story of a man murdered and reborn as a fly. Eega is one of those films you need to see in theaters. Every second of the soundtrack is like Jaws musical tension. The slightest look from the bad guy or a simple pause caused an uproar of laughter from the audience. It would be hard to find this film playing anywhere else in LA other than the Indian Film festival.

This romantic, comedy, action, thriller, revenge flick, heavy in CGI tells the story of a rich powerful man named Sudeep whose power and wealth make him believe himself to be above the law. After falling in love with the beautiful Samantha he is outraged her heart belongs to the happy go-lucky Nani. Sudeep kills Nani, underneath his foot no less. Nani comes back from the day as a fly and attempts to kill Sudeep, first only pestering him, later almost killing him and driving him insane. The final act has Sudeep capturing Samantha forcing Nani to confront Sudeep in a final showdown with heavy gun fire and explosions.
The audience marveled at the films creative over the top nature. Sudeep's ove the top villian performance features the line, "Oh, what was I doing? Oh, yes laughing! HAHHAHAHAHAHA". The all engaging soundtrack, fly work-out montage and attempts at murder from a common house fly make it one of those film you have to see to beleive.

A slight mess-up from the distributor of the film had it playing twice. It was not a film reel, but a computer file. Part 1 was shown, which had a full run of the film. Then Part 2 was shown, which started the film over again at a halfway point. The film also didn't stop during it's intended intermission, but the audience wasn't complaining. I have previously seen the film and oddly enough it was missing at least two scenes. The given end credits were also a bit odd, as only first names were credited.

The festival is still going on now. Check the full schedule for other films happening this weekend.