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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Game Hype: No Nintendo E3?, Comics Vs. Games, Ringtones

-Nintendo released a statement that it won't be having a big showcase like it's had for years at E3 and instead will be doing three closer events for those attending. This comes after there supposed loss this quarter, but seriously there forecasts for their company are as crazy as Square Enix. It's not like Nintendo did poorly it still had great sales, the sales just didn't fit the insane standards they think they have to reach.

Ecstasy of Order, the Tetris documentary, here's my review, is now available online DRM free for $10

-Lost Planet 3 just announced multiplayer, which comes out of nowhere. Up until now no multiplayer was discussed an it was believed to be a one player game.

"Featuring four compelling multiplayer modes playable across six diverse maps, gamers will take on the role of either the NEVEC forces or Snow Pirates.To take a look at two of these modes - Scenario and Akrid Survival"

This may be the reason the date of release changed to August 27.

-Comics Vs Games 2 will be up in Toronto again this year for the Toronto Comics Arts Festival. Art with the motif of video games vs comic books should be an amazing show. I'll be sure to pick my favorites piece to show you.  

-BattleBlock Theater Ringtones. If you love Battle Block now carry it with you all the time.

- Luigi’s Mansion ringtone-via Tiny Cartridge