Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sandwich Smith - Fickle Little Tokyo Has Got A New Forgetful Place To Eat At

 The Sandwich Smith and Fickle
362 E 1st St  Los Angeles, CA 90012

Located in Little Tokyo is seems odd to open up a sandwich shop slash whatever Fickle is attempting to be.The menu system when you first enter is a waste of time. You waste paper by circling what you want. You must still go through it with the cashier with a back and forth Q and A making it no time-saver.

 Service isn't the fastest even with few customers and the end results are not the best. My order of a chicken sandwich was a salad throw in between two slice of bread with some chicken. Not a heft portion of chicken, mostly filler for the high price. A friend and I ordered two separate sandwiches with different breads, both fell apart while attempting to eat them. Most of my sandwich was a waste of food.

Some interesting combinations to try and a slightly better ambiance from the walking distance of both Quizno's and Subway is all this new eatery has.