Thursday, April 18, 2013

Other Sites Reporting Iron Man 3 Special Screening With No Way Of Getting Tickets

So CapeTown Film Fest's opening secret film has been announced as Iron Man 3 on April 30th. I paused to report this as there's nothing in the press release on how to get tickets yet, but other sites are reporting with no other info. As I write this the CapeTown Film Fest schedule site hasn't even updated revealing the film.

Whose going to be there for this one? Kevin Feige, do you know who that is? No, of course you don't because he isn't the director or an actor in the film. He's in charge of Marvel studios, but I'm sure everyone's hoping that Robert Downey Jr. just comes by, which might be unlikely if he has to be on that world tour for Iron Man.

Just amazed at how fast people report nothing as I am now. I'll be sure to update you as soon as a way to get tickets is announced, but keep your eyes sharp and your mouse button clicky. They might get sold out before I can tell you.