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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Rid Of Paint In LA Use S.A.F.E Centers

Recently, I had to get rid of same old paint cans from garage. If you don't know your suppose to get rid of them safely and not dump'em in your trash can. You can even get in trouble if you do, they're considered hazardous waste.

So I looked online and found my closes S.A.F.E Center. What is it? A place to safely get rid of any hazardous materials you might have including old computers.

The experience was so satisfactory, I didn't even leave my car. You just pop the trunk and they"ll take what you got. It works like a drive thru, at least the Randall Street, Sun Valley location works that way.

Two things, they are only open it appears on the weekends and not very late. Secondly, you can only give them 15 gallons per trip due to some law of carrying 12 gallons of paint.

Still it's better than the post office or any local government office.