Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D-CON 2011

Did you know the old convention center got turned into an ice rink? But, who cares we got a bigger, nicer convention next door, with a much better sound system. Screw, those train hobby enthusiasts we have there convention center now!

With a new arena came new toys, art and models to ogle at. From toy designer artists such as Sucklord giving a weird as Hell talk show podcast where he berated each of he guests in front to the paining stage in back with hot models, all of the convention Hall was used up. Not a space didn't have a cute one of a kind plushie or a special edition vinyl toy. Joe Ledbetter to Gary Baseman appeared around booths signing their toys and special edition what have u. All for fans of vinyl and etsy-esq gifts.

What stands out about this even is the level between designer/artist and consumer. You can talk steaight to who created the piece of art or toy your buying. Yes, there's a lot of big name toys, but there's a lot more regular artists you can chat with and find out why they made something or how they made it.

 All matter of plushie exist at DCON from toilet paper to squids to pot leafs. Then there's the naughty side which has a lot of nice, but dirty art books.
 Many were returning artists, but I did see some new stuff that I didn't really get intrigued by. DCon is thankfully, not that commercial and doesn't have any stupid booth fro Verizon or some other crap, it's all people trying to get there art out there or people trying to say some premium vinyl.
 Look closer my friend these aren't only vinyl toys, but writable pens that detach

 Squid Kids was back with the 10-dohs in tow

 Look Andrew Wilson's below is in stock

 Poor lil' Batman

 The Mixo's really caught my eye this year, really just a storage can, but a stylish storage cans with different brands.

 Turtle power!

 Yes, they recreated the tower from the Lord of the Rings, yes it was huge!

 One of my favorite parts of D-Con was the raffle that was held every hour . You got a ticket when you bought or picked up your pass. Some times no one would come to claim the prize so the guy calling it had to keep going and going and going. It took so long once, he had called about 30 tickets gave up and turned it into an epic rock paper scissors contest between two kids. The boy one after three goes.