Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cartoon Hype: Adult Swim Is Old, A Letter to Adult Swim

Hey Adult Swim,

Why not go make something crazy and amazing like this. Why become MTV? You seem to be going through the same metamorphosis it went through. You started out like MTV's liquid television, bringing Japanese anime and never been seen shorts to people. Now look at you Family Guy and King of the Hill every night. What happened to bringing new animes over? I find it to be a lie nothing looks worth showing. Panty and Stocking is the epitome of Adult Swim as I see it or Madoka Magica, a dark take on the magical girl genre, could turns heads. If you say it's money, maybe ask for more and tell them the benefits of getting more viewers for new content and being different.  You guys finished Big O.

Your not different anymore, your the same. You hire the same people and animation houses, you don't show something new.

China, IL was both a step backward and forward, letting Brad Neely's work on television was great, but what's with the (favors) voice casting? Why is Hulk Hogan or Jason Alexander on the show, it really didn't add much, did some executive think it would sell it better? Titmouse really? Is there no other animation house?

The same with live action crap, I'm sick of it. How much is their budget and the ads you spend on them. Instead of actually producing new animated content.

Then there's not hiring new people, I loved Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but how many more shows do you want from Dave Willis and Matt. Same goes for Titan Maximum from Seth, which was just awful. If PFFR Forever Ltd has a new idea who cares? Give someone else a shot.

I'm glad you passed on Problem Solverz, but there has to be more content out there. I know people give you knew concepts and must pitch to you, just stop getting the same old people.

Your online game division is great and you have better interaction with your fans through your bumps than most channels. Why not get new content or do you just wanna start running 16 and pregnant marathons?

Content Adult Swim, get some new content! Decent anime, too. Kekashi, where the Hell did you pick that up, a dumpster?