Monday, November 7, 2011

Adventure Time Toys Where's The Ice King To Stick In My Freezer?

 Guess whose back? Susan Strong is living large! From two of my favorite writers Adam Muto and Rebecca Sugar.

Adventure Time Toys are  expensive or non-existent online
I know it's early, but if your planning to get your kids or a friends some AT toys for the holidays, you better get them now.

My main problem is I want to review the toys, but in the two times I've gone to Toys 'R' Us and Target they were out of stock.

I recommend on only getting 10' in Finn now after the review/s below and having to wait for the rest of the line, the other figures appear not to be as stretchy as you may think.

What everyone keeps predicting is that a little Jake will fit into the 10'in Finn's backpack that opens up at some point down the line. That toy has yet to be announced.

There are some other reviews out. This one below explains the 2 in figures, which I am not a fan of nor I think any child would be with no articulation.

Jake seems to be a let down, when you can't get your massive fist up it's a problem. Also stretchy must mean something else to Jazzwares