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Friday, October 7, 2011

Weird Al Was Never Cool, But That's Why He's Cool

"Weird Al" Yankovic Live! - The Alpocalypse Tour
$14.99 on DVD

and Blu-ray

Weird Al still knows how to captivate and audience and some lucky bastards from Toronto got to enjoy his concert. Weird Al Yankovic Live The Alpocalypse Tour, let's you enjoy a concert of Weird Al in your on home. Would you want Weird Al in your house in real life? Probably, but he wouldn't want to leave and look at your photo albums and stay way too late.

Al jumps into the audience right away, dons a leather fat suit for "I'm Fat" and goes and does things no other musician should or would. From going into the audience, only singing bad pick-up lines to the animation on a big screen behind him from the folks at Jib Jab, Dan Meth and the guy who created Ren and Stimpy, you have one of the most entertaining concerts you'll see.

Al's music doesn't seem to be for kids anyomore as I only saw teeangers and an older crowd of nerds in the audience. I don't know what captures are attention of him. Is it his funny hair? Zucker/ Naked Gun humor or is it the lyrics. I'd say them all. Plus, that damn sexy Polka.

Weird Al is a nerd, a huge glorious nerd, who works his ass off on his concerts. Nothing sells that more than an encore performance with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers dropping in.

The DVD has more extras than you'd except. Weird Al is a nerd so he knows to fill the DVD up with as much content as possible. You can drown in the extra music videos, extra performances and Al's personal YouTube videos

Be sure to check out the tour here in LA November

Reviewer was given a copy by Comedy Central