Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween 2011: The Walking Dead Season 2

What's that noise I hear? What could it be?! Oh, gee, I can't take this, there everywhere! Everywhere!

The Walking Dead Season 2 is slowly coming towards you, it will be back with the new talk show
"The Talking Dead" with Chris Hardwick.
The Walking Dead kicks off its 13-episode season with a 90-minute premiere Sunday, Oct. 16, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. Followed immediately after with The Talking Dead.

Watching the first two episodes made me instantly yearn for just a marathon or Blu-ray collection of this brain munching masterpiece. It's the best horror show on air and the second season draws you back in. For those who forgot or are new to the series, the shows 90-minute premiere will make you remember the characters and what's behind them. Emotionally and in their lives constantly hunted by the undead.

Frank Grimes is still the star, but every actor on the show is giving a masterful performance as their lives descend more and more into a undead Hell.  Events are getting darker as the zombies are getting  faster.Both episodes had me on edge and you"ll be on edge too as everything doesn't go as planned.

I'll have more info later, but I'm not allowed to say much, only thing I can say is Season 2 is already better than Season 1 now that Darabont is gone.

Reviewer was given two preview episodes