Monday, October 10, 2011

IndieCade 2011 Long Live the Indie

Culver City was bright and sunny October 9th. As I head down it's main street I heard sounds of join and was greeted by alien invaders. Space Invaders from Jason Torchinsky. Yes, his last name is "Torch in sky". His pieces titled Invaded made you know it was gamer event. I'd like it if these piecies could be made permanent and maybe raised like there invading us.

As I passed the Big Games booth I was optioned to play Human Vs Zombies, it's as fun as it sounds and been a favorite of IndieCade goers from last year. A game of Ultimate Twister was being played and I missed out on a crazy game of cracking open pintas with candy and ping pong ball inside them.

Kiss Racer by Hye Nam was a crowd pleaser as a sensor around your girlfriends mouth and your tongue were the control.s for a race car. They have to use Fixodent (denture glue) on your tongue to install a little tracker for motion. It seems like a great game for couples.

Application Crunch was a fun 3-4 player card game that teaches about getting into a good college, it really does make the process fun and tell you what to prepare for. I sat down and got into it, I made it into a nice art school.

SUPER hypercube was a fun game of hole in the wall with your hold body moving the tetris piece from side to side, but really your thumbs are doing all the work,

The absolute best thing out of IndieCade was the advanced look at Fez. Fez simply blew me away. even if I did get stuck at the crate part. Getting to control the environment, all the little details. It's right up there with Cave Story, you'll want to play as soon as it comes to Xbox Live whenever that is.

PEW to the power of 8 or just say PEW many times is a voice controlled shooter, it requires one person to control the level of your little guy via his rocket by making a long sound. You fire by saying "PEW" or can say whatever you want, just in bursts. You even have ultra attacks.
Some sort of playstation move tage was exciting to many people.

Lastly, a big pad was left open around gamers, which allowed for a bunch of art to go up.

Another great IndieCade, I'll post about the winners later.