Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween 2011: Old Town Haunt

On the streets of Old Town Pasadena you would never think you'd be a few feet away from gut wrenching terror, but my good sirs and ladies you are!As I heard screams from ladies as they were chased down an alley by an odd looking fellow I knew I was in for a new kind of scare.

The Old Town Haunt already had line of fresh new victims as I came in off the street.

Located at 20 N. Raymond it's just a bit of the main walking street and not to far from some good grub. You might want to eat after in case you s*it you pants or regurgitate something in a horror filled moment.

Going in I had no Idea what to except, I'd been to the theme parks of Horror this year, but this was just one Haunted house. Yet, as I walked down the long stairs to the basement of one of the oldest building in Pasadena I knew everything would be a bit more scary. First off, it's a much smaller crew of people going down with you, which does boost the excitement. Right off, the maze is a real maze and I ended up in a dead end, a dead end that scared the Hell out of me.

It might have been the crawl space, where you need to get on you hands and knees and actually crawl in the dark that made the overall night and all new scare experience. Just imagine forming your own Human Centipede in the dark and hearing something ahead of you. It might have been the lengthy tunnel that was in the dark too. I mean a tunnel that's small and windy and wraps around so you can easily get lost as I did.

Gentlemen, this is a great place to take a date, imagine taking a girl to a horror movie, now imagine that horror movie coming out to kill her. Grabs galore.

Anyway, that windy dark tunnel cover in a protective foam that was such a highlight is only a part of a huge maze of monsters that came out of every where to get you. Some great illusion tricks and misdirection, oh and don't forget deprivation all combine for experience that blows away any theme park maze.

My poor soul, I must have been caught more then a dozen times. Sometimes the ghouls were just in plain sight, but the darkness and affects shrouded them from where I could get a good view.

The place contains real props from House of 1,000 Corpses, Buffy and of course the Power Rangers our starting tour guide said, but he would depart with us as soon as we entered.

I suggest forgetting the long lines and having to wait an hour to get on one maze in a theme park and just going directly to the Old Town Haunt, then spending the money you saved on a nice meal with your friends or date

If you want to get scared at the Haunt, dates below

Fri Oct 21st 7-12 Midnight
Sat Oct 22nd 7-12 Midnight
Sun Oct 23rd 7-10 pm
Wed Oct 26th 7-10 pm
Thur Oct 27th 7-10 pm
Fri Oct 28th 7-12 Midnight
Sat Oct 29th 7-12 Midnight
Sun Oct 30th 7-11 pm
Mon Oct 31st 7-12 Midnight

September 30 - October 27
$15.00* General Admission
$20.00* VIP Tickets (Little or NO Waiting FAST Pass)

October 28- 31
$17.00* General Admission
$22.00* VIP Tickets (Little or NO Waiting FAST Pass)