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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hollywood Film Festival 2011

Hollywood Film Festival
October 21 to 24
ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

What's the best part is the movie I interned for is finally premiering at it.

Friday Oct 21

"Shuffle is the tale of a man who begins experiencing his life out of order; every day he wakes up at a different age, in a different year, on a different day of his life[insert space ]… and he wants it to stop. A mix of Twilight Zone-style mystery and Frank Capra fantasy"

Forgot how horrible it was for the main character, Milo. He's going through some of the worst time traveling experiences ever. Funny, the first movie I worked on is about time travel.  BTW that's TJ Thyne from Bones, he chatted with me on set during a break once, and was really nice. I wish I hadn't been that nervous or boring to talk too.

I still remember being out late at the hospital where Deadgirl was filmed, working with the Theatre Junkies Crew and being a PA intern moving stuff and decorating an entire street with other crew to look like Christmas during the summer.

I want even get into how much mic's can pic up or why crews hate nightingale's.