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Friday, October 21, 2011

Anime Jungle's Henshin Contest Nov 5th

Looks like the Kamen Rider Vs Super Sentai art show is gonna have some major cosplay action due to Anime Jungle 1st Henshin Contest. Dress like the power rangers or Kamen rider in attempt to win over the crowd.

Be sure to register by November 3rd

Love some of the rules
 Performances - Heroic Posing (Henshin Sequence)Required
- Skits are Optional. If a Skit is performed, Heroic Posing is MANDATORY.
- Groups may consist up to 5 people. Apologies to 6th Rangers

So it'll be taking place as the JACCC Plaza November 5th, Time ti be found out later.

Here's some more work that's going to be in the art show along side this event.