Monday, October 24, 2011

Dinosaur Egg Soap

 Dinosaur Egg Soap by Colossus

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I've been cleaning out my closets and finding many items from the 80's. My best find so far? Dinosaur Soap was plentiful in the prehistoric time of the 80's. It was a great way to trick boys into washing their hands. For you see inside every soap egg was a dinosaur to collect. The only way to get to your own prehistoric pet was to get yourself clean. The dinosaurs were different colors and made of rubber. I'm not sure why production stopped. The toy dinosaur is even non-toxic, it's listed on the box. I also can't imagine a child being stupid enough to eat it. I wonder what killed off the Dinosaur Egg Soap.

I'd love it if a vinyl toy company brought it back, maybe a Joe Ledbetter series of dinosaurs to collect.