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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 100 1-Hundred 0ne Hundred

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1: Season One $20.99

They have reached the number! The certain number where, when reached means so much. So much that there name had to change, due to legal reasons.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back on DVD and if you've seen the commercial with cute girls dressed like Carl, you know your in for another trip into a certain New Jersey Family.

First up, I though it was a gag that Aqua Unit Patrol Squad would be the new name, but I was wrong. Gone is the Schooly D  song with Master Shake eating pasta and aliens attacking and robots robbing a bank. Now you get a 70's cop show start crammed with action. It like fans ripped off the show and made a tribute opening. It's funny the first time, but I won't the original theme back.

Other than the new theme nothing has really changed for what an older version of me will remember the show as Cup, Fries and Meatball. Oh, they are in Seattle now, but it does look like New Jersey, y'know, because there so similar.

What stays the same are unpredictable plots that come out of nowhere and bite you in the face ... oh wait, I'm think about the episode "Vampirus", no the show will make you laugh, not attack you, but the poor aqua teens are in for some hurt, be it exploding diarrhea eels or lasers.

Episodes, wait... insane trips into a universe where talking food is allowed to exist and have a neighbor so perverted and gross he puts up with talking food living next to him, keeps going with episodes that have no real points. From an episode where Shake and Carl go after the same woman on possibly the worst date ever to an episode about everyone having to be nice in the future or lasers will rain down on you, nothing makes any sense.

Humor goes up to great gross out levels, I mean who doesn't bring a prostitute to munch on to a talk show. How about cutting off your own hands and feeding them to freedom cobra, a cursed tattoo that requires meat and bones to grow bigger.

One of the best bit might be the inhumane lengths shake goes to hurt Carl. Did you know Master Shake could cook lasagna? Neither did anyone, but he did only to attach to a wire and pull it away from Carl whose stuck in an electric grid for drinking.

Oh, alas poor Carl, his nipples might have been ripped off while being pulled down the street from getting wasted in the strip club, more horrible, horrible things happen to Carl and make you think, they don't make you think the make you laugh as he is killed.

The most important episode of Aqua Teen might be on one of these two discs. Yes, episode 100 titled "One Hundred" is finally yours to own. Robert Smigel as One Hundred the Freddy Krueger like creature that embodies a show reaching one hundred episode makes a grand appearance trying to kill the Aqua Teens and take their epi-souls. In the most ridiculous send up, the Aqua Teen have a homage to Scooby-Doo in possibly the worst way possible, involving off screen rape and death, but possibly not in that order. Also, the strange appearance of Dana Snyder the voice of Master Shake as Master Shake. Apparently he's just been wearing a Master Shake Costume this whole time?

The DVD is a bit lackluster with extras, simply Terror Phone 3, which is funny enough, but I want more extras, the menu system could have been a bit more exciting, but the music is dead on funny with the titles being sung to you.

Pick it up and laugh at cup, fries and meatball as I will remember them when I'm very old.