Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween 2011: The Games

What games go best with Halloween? Well, how about a pack of them this October. Publishers got smart and put some good horror-filled frights into video games, looking around you might see that some certain plumbers aren't forgotten this Halloween either, Hot Topic made there version more than creepy.

Below is a guide of games to get for Halloween!

Dead Island

Your on a island, your surrounded by zombies that's about it. I haven't heard the most stellar reviews for this one, it suppose to feature some lackluster level design

Rise of Nightmares
From what I can tell your disembodied hands in some sort o a weird castle. The problem I've been reading is that it tries to capture the nonsense of Dead Rising and House of the Dead, but comes off as just bad B-Horror movie. Like a movie that's bad, but not even so stupid it's fun to watch with friends. Controls also seem to suffer from being a kinect game.

 Aliens Infestation

 WayForward and Sega captured the Alien franchise on the small screen. This game melds all the movies together. You"ll relive moments form the movies with tiny 8-bit characters. BTW you don't play as Ripley, but a cadre of different Marines and those Marines are expendable, if enough of your team dies you"ll have to pick up others, each with their own little animation for the save screen.


Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

I"ll have a full review of this, by the time this is out, but it's definitely my favorite for Halloween. Sandbox mode is everything you dreamed it to be.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Another puzzle filled adventure from Professor Layton,  this game includes a extra rpg set in the Professor Layton universe, but is like the old-school Nintendo game Mother.

Pet Zombies

 I have no idea why this exists, it seems like it be cruel to keep a zombie pet, unless your training it to eat people. Nintendo Power gave it quite the unfavorable review.

House of the Dead OVERKILL - Extended Cut

 Why don't I own a play-station move? If you do, I literally can't think of another game to get. The House of the Dead Overkill on the Wii was just a great B-Horror movie shooter. Co-op friendly with plenty of crude humor and T&A. Now with added levels, I wonder why they make a new version for the Wii as well.

 All of theses games are pretty cheap, the only one being more that $40 Dead Island