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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween 2011: Gross Out Food Contest

Hey TTDILA Readers,

The good folks at Spin Master just sent me another Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab, here's my review.

Now's your chance to get it and come up with your own horrible concoctions. How can you win it?


Come up with your own gross out delicacy. I mean come up with a gross recipe, list the items in it, and make it, then send in a pic or video of what you've done! Send the pic or video link to [email protected] with Gross Out Food Contest as the subject. This is open to Continental U.S. addresses only. Don't forget your address in the e-mail, so I can send you the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab if you win. Contest ends Oct 31st at midnight. Recipes will be shared on the site.

The gross out recipe can be edible like a candy corn, tuna, ice cream sandwhich or it can be complete nonsense like a tire with snot sauce, but you have to really make it and list the ingredients in the recipe.

Happy Halloween TTDILA Readers!