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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Like A Bucket of Human Hair Blog World Expo

Just like the jokes goes you have a face for radio, so does it work for blogs. If you want a parade of the unkempt and bearded go no further than Blog World Expo. The Expo's really about generating the most buzz and readers for your blog from other bloggers. Other bloggers who  have no social graces what so ever.

Blog World Expo
Nov 2-5
LA Convention Center

So if you want someone annoying with a  camera in your face explaining his actions to the invisible, then it happening immediately again head no further to Blog World Expo.

Blog World Expo where Kevin Pollak... comedian is a speaker. Your not doing that well if your at an even Kevin Pollak is speaking and getting paid.

Click on this link to see the loser kid's side of a high school year book of speakers each more with drawn from reality and taking a photo that  looks like they were caught taking a crap.