Friday, October 21, 2011

Time for Power Rangers

Q Pop Shop presents:
November 05 - November 13, 2011
    Opening Reception:  Saturday, November 05,  (7-11PM)
Los Angeles, CA -   On November 5th 2011, Get ready for a kick ass show of epic  proportions!  Q Pop is celebrating its  first birthday with a massive exhibition party at the Japanese American  Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) to tribute popular Japanese culture icons Kamen Rider and the Super Sentai.
Fittingly, this year also marks milestones for both  series, as Kamen Rider celebrates its  40th Anniversary and Super  Sentai its 35th. Since 1971, generations have grown up with  these “Supermen” of Japan.

I'm happy about the artists involved

Alex Puvilland, Amanda Visell, Amelie Flechais, Andy  Gonsalves, Angello Garcia Bassi (Cubotoy), Anna Chambers, Antonio Cannobio, August Hal, Aya Kakeda, Becky Dreistadt, Ben Newman, Brittney Lee, Bwana Spoons, Casey Alexander, Cecilia Meade, Chikuwaemil, Chogrin Munoz, Chris Sasaki, Ciro Nieli, Clio Chiang, Corey Lewis, Denny Khurniawan
  Elizabeth Ito, Graham Annable, Heidi Younger, Jeni Yang, Joey Chou, Junko Mizuno, Kevin Dart, Lorelay Bove, Luke Chueh, Mahfood, Mari Inukai, Martin Hsu, Michelle Romo aka Crowded Teeth, Patrick Awa, Paul Felix, Rich Pellegrino, Scott Morse, Scott Watanabe, Sean Chao, Shojono Tomo, Sid Jung, Yoko Furusho, Yumiko Kayukawa, and many many more!

The ones highlighted I've met or enjoy thier work. There also the Power Rangers colors I grew up with.

I can't wait to Reeyyys. I finallt got my copy of Layered Jacket I order from him. Hope he's there. I just missed his run of special edition t-shirts