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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween 2011: Doctor Dreadful's Snot Shot & Stomach Churner

 Looks like you've got something there buddy, it looks yummy. Yes it's time to eat some snot and and ear wax and blisters with two more labs from Doctor Dreadful food lab line.
Doctor Dreadful Snot Shot & Wax Snax
Doctor Dreadful Stomach Churner

First up can I interest you in some ear wax or fresh snot, nose pickings never tasted so sweet until the Doctor Dreadful Snot Shot &Wax Snax lab. I had quite a fun time pushing out different tasty treats. I like the ear wax more, it tasted like chocolate. BTW if you didn't notice the nose and ear fit perfectly into the zombie's head from the zombie lab.

Need a tissue, nah,  just use your tongue
Next you have the Doctor Dreadful Stomach Churner which is a gross out galore of both flavor and lots of sugar. This lab is very inventive with the use of beakers pumping fluids out to a stomach. The pump of course is a heart. It also comes with a blister pack for sugary blisters to suck up and eat. It's a fun frightening sight to see the stomach spewing out a concoction to drink. You also might notice that each set connect to one another, creating a big lab play set for everyone to enjoy. It's the perfect gift for Halloween ans activity for young and old to enjoy making on the same night.

So eat up your snot and whatever comes out of your stomach.
Bottoms up!