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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Never Give Japanese People Candy

So the special that Arino of Game Center CX or Retro Game Master in the US finally came out in Japan. Something Awful subtitled it and Tiny Cartridge brought it to my attention. I saw the footage before it was subtitled. I did notice Adam Robezzoli (interviewed) owner of Attract Mode (when will it re-launch already) in it. Funny, because I attended the same event and didn't see him there, I must have just missed him. Like to point out Gabe Swarr is also in attendance and also questioned just like Adam. Gabe's an IAM8BIT artist and a cartoonist whose worked on multiple cartoon series. He's also a huge fan of Arino.

So I watched the special and the damn gift basket didn't make it in, If you don't remember I gave him a kick ass gift basket. Sure, someone gave him a poster of himself, but no one gave him a gift basket of goodies. A piece from Chogrin, cookies and bacon cheese-wiz and oodles of yummy treats.

Plus, Gabe and I did some stupid American poses with him that weren't in it. What a shame. Well, he still brought me many laughs through his show. I hope Kotaku gives us another season and doesn't ruin any other games like Batman Arkham City, spoiling major parts of the story.

BTW  you can go to that arcade it was filmed at
Japan Arcade is on the Second Floor of the Little Tokyo Galleria
333 S Alameda St Frnt
Los Angeles, CA 90013