Thursday, October 27, 2011

Squid Girl Invades America Squid Girl TV Series Part One Review

A new cute aquatic creature is Ink-vading from Japan, no it's not a certain green frog. It's Squid Girl!

Squid Girl Series Part 1

Squid Girl has invaded American shores. Squid Girl centers around a young girl would be conqueror of all humanity, whose hair is blue tentacles. Yes, tentacles and she isn't like any other little girl you've met. In her quest to conquer the world she starts by accidentally destroying the beach side restaurant Lemon House run by the Aizawa sisters Chizuru and Eiko. To pay off the damages she caused she has to be their waitress, this starts a series of events that make this anime series into an almost sitcom-esque show that only Japan could come up with.

First off , the main cast and powers of Squid Girl. Squid Girl and yes that's her only name, she has no other unless you count all the others people call her like Squid Girlie from Takeru the Aizawa sisters little brother who sees Squid Girl as the ultimate play mate. There's Squiddie from Sanae who has a moe crush on Squid Girl that's very, very unnatural. Sanae is a girl btw, who likes taking pictures of Squid Girl in different costumes, hugging her when not wanted either. Squiddian from Cindy Campbell and American(jokes a plenty) scientist and alien catcher who believes Squid Girl is an alien even though it's obvious she's not. "Ahhh!"  is what Nagisa screams whenever Squid Girl gets to close. Nagisa is a recent hire to Lemon House who seems to be the only person afraid of Squid Girl. This surf girl freaks out with thoughts of pure dread for cute little Squid Girl.

There are other names Eiko uses, bad names, but that's usually because of Squid Girl's tentacles. You see Squid Girl can do a lot with her tentacles. If your thinking dirty stuff from anime your not to far off.  She does grab a lot of people with them ... in awkward poses. She can lift, throw, pick up, carry, fight, sew, raise her self, swim, count, open, destroy and do a lot with her ten blue feisty grabbers of conquering hair.

She  can glow, a type of squid can do this so she can. Shoot ink from her mouth, which is disgusting. People eat that from Japan.. who knew? Which is more disgusting after you see them eat it after Squid Girl throws it up. Lastly, she can breath underwater so she can't ever drown.

When she's not busy using her tentacles she's a one woman little lady army. She might be
A. Trying to Conquer the World
B. Eating Shrimp
C. Annoying Eiko.

I really like the chemistry Squid Girl has with Eiko. She doesn't even realize it, but Eiko becomes her big sister and part of the Aizawa household immediately from sheer cuteness. She's welcomed in for almost 80's sitcom hi jinks, LIKE when a alien, robot or animal becomes part of the family. The family bond from Squid Girl joining the Aizawa's leads for some touching, yet ridiculous moments, like Squid Girl trying to eat Eiko in her sleep.

Squid Girl brings the moe or cuteness, by messing up all the time on simple tasks or not understanding customs, or what common items are. Some times her massive paranoia of others trying to get her warps her tiny little mind. Silly antics by Squid Girl are only part of the fun as more crazy people or situations confront Squid Girl.

My favorite episode was when a rival restaurant on the beach creates a Squid Girl mascot to rival the original. Squid Girl doesn't understand at all that someone is simply wearing a novelty head of her and believes she's fighting herself. It makes no sense, because the other Squid Girl is much older and wearing a bikini. The best part is the mascot heads, there's two, of Squid Girl which are unrealistic and have robotics in them. So you sort of have a mecha squid girl fight.

The tentacle terror is a pushover, but an adorable pushover whose trying to conquer the world or understanding of the surface world will leave you floundering about like a fish out of water. Be ready for more puns like that, because Squid Girls spouts them all the time.

What also blew me away from the get go was it is dubbed. I thought there wasn't going to be one, but Media Blasters took the time to get some fine dubbing. There is of course subtitled original language to watch in too. Both are great to listen to.

You get six episodes. Four on the first disc, two the the 2nd disc with extras like paper folding Squid Girl's hat by her Japanese voice actress.

This series is just pure silly, pick it up and dream of being on the beach and a tiny annoying young girl lifting you up in the air and saying "Take me to your leader!" or "Where's the Shrimp?"

More episodes are coming out shortly

Squid Girl Series Part 2 will be out November 8th. What was either by strange coincidence or planned, but Squid Girl Series 2 came out in Japan the first day the DVDs came out in America, so into the future a entire other season might be available.

Below is the ending theme song, which I took the time to mimic at Santa Monica underneath the original