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Monday, October 31, 2011

Game Hype: Micheal PS3 Commercial

The Reel has a great article with the PS3 "Micheal" commercial director Simon McQuoid

Solid Snake was an interesting challenge. For a while he wasn’t going to be in it, because the developer was nervous that we wouldn’t do a good job. But then for some reason they were OK, and we ended up having to cast him in Prague. So there we were in Prague looking for a great actor who was American, and looked like Solid Snake. I shudder now thinking about how lucky we were to find that guy. He is from Sacramento and has lived in Prague for many years; he is a musician and comes in for casting for commercials when needed. I was starting to wonder where the hell we were going to find this very specific looking character and in walks this guy, and opens his mouth and was a dead ringer for Snake.

The full length trailer is a bit different. For one I don't remember Chell from Portal in it and two Snake's camouflage suit is bad ass.  Only question I have still is, who is Micheal, an actor or just a friend named Micheal who took a bunch of pictures for the ad.