Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween 2011: Doctor Dreadful and The World's Largest Gummy Worm

With so many different Halloween goos and gross out candies, TTDILA picks the rarities that will make your Halloween party stand out for taste. That taste being a zombie's head and a giant worm.

The World's Largest Gummy Worm from Vat 19 will have your party or ghoulish get together a feast above anyone else's. You can serve this worm like a centerpiece, like the big turkey for Thanksgiving, this might be the centerpiece for you Halloween meal. Kids and adults will want a piece. I do recommend a knife to cut the worm into smaller pieces, please don't try and eat it all by yourself it's huge. It comes in multiple flavors just go through their selection to find the flavors you want. I chose and orange-lemon blended worm. You can go patriotic and get a blue raspberry and red cherry flavored one instead or a gross green apple one to sit on your Halloween treats table. Now if it only came with a nice goo sauce!

I believe Doctor Dreadful might be able to help out. Doctor Dreadful is a series of science food labs that come up with edible and tasty concoctions. I got to play with the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab . The Zombie Lab could be a centerpiece for a Halloween meal too, with skull ajar and brains out. With this head piece you can make sugary foamy brains, zombie barf and skin. Gummy bugs to munch on, all out of one head.

There's multiple labs to get, that all connect see below.

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab
Doctor Dreadful Stomach Churner
Doctor Dreadful Gummy Bugs
Doctor Dreadful Snot Shot Wax Snax

I recommend getting the Snot Shot as it gives the zombie head a rubber nose, plus snot candy comes out of it.

It's not only something to eat, but something to do together on Halloween. A fun mad doctor lab to do with other. Once again kids and adults will enjoy Doctor Dreadful's gross out humor. I'm sure if your a kid, you"ll want to play with it even when it isn't Halloween.

All the experiments are safe and east to do and don't take that long. It's also a good way to get into science and maybe add some goo to a big worm on your plate.  Both Gummy Worm and Zombie Lamb will make any Halloween Haunt over the top.