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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween 2011: Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories - Complete Collection

This looked like such a boring the run of the mill anime at first, but then when you hear what these kids are saying, you'd think of South Park episode. This anime was re-dubbed to be funny and set the stage for re-dubs like Sgt. Frog and Shin-Chan. I've put some cliips below so you can see how far they go.

I haven't laughed at such a great re-dub since Sgt Frog came out. You may notice some of the same voices from each show.

With lesbains moms, dirty innuedo and japanese ghost folklore your going to be mighty pleased.

Of note, Monica Rial voices Momoko Koigakubo the overly Christian god girl in the series. Funny, because she voices another Momoko, Momoka Nishizawa the rich girl in Sgt Frog.  Monica also voices Ai the rich girl in Shin-Chan.