Friday, January 7, 2011

That Wormhole Thing Sucked

Not it a joking way of sucking you up. More in a "it sucked" way. I know it was a free event and it's the first one for the imaginary scientists, but it sucked.

The long line for being cloned (video software takes your image) and then sends it through a wormhole where you have to fight worms to protect your clone (a poorly done video game with a wormhole background, while your animated image floats on screen and you shoot lasers at poorly render worms).

I know that the people behind it had the best intentions, but they fell flat. It had some funny promo videos, but they had a small presence as did the actual video game which wasn't that fun and didn't work in my case. I gave them my number and my image didn't appear on screen.

They could have done something more interactive with less technology involved and it would have been more fun, interactive, and maybe even teach people things. I came away with the experience not caring for the next party. The last engagement in March has something to do with root beer and until then I see no point in going to the next one. Exciting build up with meaningless conclusion.