Friday, January 21, 2011

Not Enough Megaman?

Once again one of my favorite pieces from Multiplayer, Zac Gorman's hilariously titled "E-Tanks For All The Memories".

Sold Out

There's also the piece by Markku Metso  "Which Way To Dr. Wily?"

Check out more of Multiplayer here

Also as posted earlier Andrew Wilson continues to work on his Megaman Tribute piece adding even more characters and leaving out Trone Bonne, it was a tough decision.

 Looking at these while writing this up makes me think they'd be cool desk toys.

Can't wait to have that tribute book for Megaman much later in the year. I have the other two.
In other Capcom happenings Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective came out which I'm still waiting to play.  I just got Little Big Planet 2 so expect a review for that shortly.