Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Fight Club

Looks like we have another awesome Fight Club headed are way in LA. This February 3 at 5300 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA  Update: Club 740  740 S. Broadway ( & Spring) Los Angeles, CA 90014. Enter off Alley. At 8pm there's going to be some fighting. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 fighting and every ones invited. No rsvp just head over. BTW the first 200 in line get prize packs. You might want to really consider getting those prize packs because i am 8-bit is doing the event.  You can also check out 30 characters this time around and I'm sure whatever 8-bit comes up with will simply amaze.  Update: also be showing off Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition there for the first time. Yup check out the 3DS

It's funny the mass e-mail from iam8bit just hit when the news of this new party did. The e-mail was reminding it's fans that some big stuff will be happening shortly and they don't disappoint. Also check out there new facebook page, which is a huge improvement over there site which usually has no news.
Capcom Unity also says :extracurricular activities including live music from the Miles Mosley band, popular voice actors from the game hanging out and signing stuff, Mr. Seth Killian on the Mic and a bunch of popular LA local food trucks outside for a little snack while waiting in line. 

 Someone might be lucky enough to walk away with this, but thats pure speculation. What I'm thinking is t-shirts that might be super rare and I don't mean the one below.