Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Contest: EVA Posters

So as I posted before on Evangelion You Can (Not )Advance 2.0 is coming to LA Jan 28.  Now thanks to the good people of Eleven Arts (the guys putting it in theaters with Funimation) you can win a poster for the movie.

Just send your name and address to [email protected] with EVA RULES in the subject line. Only CA residents may apply. Two posters are up for grabs and one could be yours. Two lucky readers will be chosen at random. Contest ends Jan 22, 2010. So I might be able to get them to you by the premiere.

Evangelion's gonna blow you away with world class animation, teen drama, and of course robots fighting giant monsters.

Eva 2.0 starts January 28th at the downtown independent

Reminder if you missed it EVA 1.0 is playing one nite only the 27th