Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eva Posters and Premiere Incoming

Evangelion is the cream of the crop animation of Japan. You have giant robot fights that surpass a ballet in beautiful destruction against giant sci-fi monsters. Which is really all about the f-uped dysfunctional problems of young boy who wants his mommy. There are many different levels of Evangelion including heavy christian undertones to simply understanding what being human is.Thought provoking and terrifyingly beautiful with children piloting giant death machines, that might just be extensions of themselves.

I could go on and that why the series is so much fun, you can talk about it for hours, debating and trying to understand everything.

To remind everyone the second movie premieres this week at the dowtown independent

Friday 1/28/11: 7, 9, 11
Downtown Independent
251 S Main St.
 Los Angeles

The winners of the Eva 2.0 posters contest are Mark H. Sherman Oaks and Brain C. from LA. Thanks for sending in those e-mails guys. They'll be more contests in the future.