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Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventure Time To Meet It's Makers

Last Monday,  I headed to Moore's Delicatessen in Burbank to hang out with the makers of Adventure Time and Regular Show. Moore's is located right across the street from Cartoon Network.

I won't say who, but before Adventure Time was on the animators weren't happy seeing Johnny Test. Which wiki explains has a sordid past. I say, "Go suck a d*ck Cookie Jar Ent. bringing in all these  crappy cheap flash  Canadian  cartoons.  Talking about rip-offs of Dexter's Laboratory. Just think about if for a second he's sisters have a lab, crazy stuff ensues. If you notice  Jimmy Neutron is another rip-off  of Dexter's Laboratory. A boy genius invents things and wacky stuff ensues. The difference was Dexter was entertaining and funny. ... sorry I'll get back to what happened.

So everyone was already sitting down and I got to talk with Sean Szeles who co-wrote/ storyboarded that weeks episode of Regular Show " Dizzy" . He was friendly and we discussed a few different topics. I was fascianted to learn he never heard of Evangelion. I saw some Cal Art Students who usually end up in animation around LA chatting with Cal Arts Alumni who work on the shows.

The photos your looking at showcase that the animators are allowed to draw at Moore's. Draw any damn place they please. A manager came out and even asked for some more drawings. I hope they fill up the place eventually. Jeez, I wonder what the bathroom stalls might look like, I didn't need to go.

Moore's has excellent service btw, very helpful and nice. I triend the BL"A"T and can't say it was great, but I'm willing to try something else if I head back.

We watched Adventure Time Together. We laugh, applauded and enjoyed their work. Sadly, the heads of the shows J.G. Quintel and Pen Ward weren't there, nor the prolific Natashi Allergi. They might come next time and all are welcome.

Check out the new episode " The Pods" today at 8pm