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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Axe Cop Anniversary or Babies Are Dumb

Babies are dumb. Babies are dumb, was melodically sung as Malachai Nicolle approached the mic for the Axe Cop 1 year anniversary. His brother Ethan Nicolle busy on his wacom setting up for the show.

 I found myself in Meltdown Comics after it changed it's baby section to something new and flashy. It's dirty book section a role playing game space. It's front, no longer filled with the Ku-Fu video kiosk after a falling out years ago. Hated by that guy, who makes stories about cats in graphic novel form.

Tonight, Meltdown was host to something other than Feng -Shui, it was Axe Cop. Ethan the older brother draws Axe Cop while Malachi writes it. If your technical, really Ethan prods Malachai with questions and a story is written.

Junior Cobbb was born that night. Yes, he has three b's in his name .A new character resembling Donkey Kong except he's so huge jets shoots out of his tail as we saw the creative process unfold before us. He was promised to one day enter continuity. This highlight was one of many as a 6 year old should never be given a microphone.

My own interview with the two will have to be put on hold as Malachai killed me during it with the toy ax I gave him as a present. First he cut off my hand. Then my head. Probably the greatest future writer of today. I can't wait to see what he cooks up when he gets  Final Draft 20 in the future. Probably the best god damn action movie ever.

Anyway, the night showed off the brotherly love that Ethan and Malachai share as the process is all just him playing and having fun with his brother. If you want to measure the success of Axe Cop by the turn out or the media coverage or something so substantial then behold below what really matters.

The made the Axe Cop Candle real and had Unicorn Cupcakes. These are both inside jokes from the comic, but if you get the jokes your in a world of delightment right now.

They Unicorn horns were delicious.

My favorite part might of been when a little girl asked if Axe Cop will be getting a boyfriend during the Q & A.

Check out what premiered the live action version of Axe Cop.