Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Entry Plug: Wait, it's not what you think

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With the North American Release of Evangelion 2.0 You (Can) Not Advance Alone on it's way , I thought I'd share some Entry Plug Merch.

Anyone into Evangelion can tell you what a entry plug is. It's where the human pilots control there eva units and the core of the robot. What you might not know is the level of merchandising Gainax has put into the entry plug. Here's what a model of it looks like.

Move over Lightsaber chop sticks. Say, "Hello" to Entry Plug Chopsticks.

In a move that is beyond creepy, by that fact little versions of Shinji and Auska are in the Entry Plug Chopsticks. You can knoe eat your food with the help of tiny people.

4 different ones to collect in 4 different colors.

Next up is the USB Storage Entry Plug

Then things start to get weird.

You get the Entry Plug Tablet, it kind of like a pez dispenser. It dispensents tiny tabley candies.

Then we have the DS Touch Pen

Last, but probably the best I've seen is the Entry Plug LCL Ice Pop.

Yes, the fluid inside the entry plug that let's the person inside sync with the robot is now a ice pop.

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