Monday, January 10, 2011

Pop Over To Little Tokyo

The grand opening for the funky new store in the constanly half rotting/ half super new Little Tokyo is set for Saturday January 29th 7pm-11pm. The Q Pop Shop is located at
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St right across from Weller Court.

 The store is featuring over 40 artists work for this event with music and refreshemets. It might go off in the street because it's a tine shop. It might be tiny, but it filled with rare t-shirts and and a lot of hard to find girly merchandise. Art books and cool Japanese toys as well as stunning art work all around the store make it one of the nicest stores to visit in Little Tokyo.

Look who caugh up to my post about the Q Pop Shop, Laist did. You failed so terribly and covering kirby Laist.

It's kind of fun beating other blogs to the punch. The picture above is from inside the store done by artist Kevin Dart of Yuki 7 fame. The owner of the store Christopher Mitchel worked in animation so has many cartoonist and artist friends to call upon for exhibitions.

Ouside the store. I hope to interview Chris soon. So look forward to it.