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Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Star Superman Premieres In LA Feb 17

by Kerry Callen totally funny comic writer
The Paley Center will be having the premiere of All- Star Superman in February. If you haven't read the instant classic by Grant Morrison then head to a comic store or go to Amazon now. Probably one of the finest Superman mini-series in many years, The story explains why Superman is Superman and how insane he's life is. It gets to the core of the man of steel.

Now that story heads to DVD and I wonder how well it will keep the intital story. From what I've read that kept in that Luthor poisoned Superman with sunlight, which is so bittersweet ironic it makes me cry. You see Superman doing everything he can before his time is up. It brings back the old feeling of what Superman was about and thats crazy science fiction stories about a hero who can move planets, but he might get an ant's head. The realistic surrealism of a universe where a man where's a cape , but people just deal with their lives if everything is normal.

It's been hit and miss in my opinion of the  DC Animation straight to DVD market.  Superman/Batman Apocalypse won me over with probably one of the best animated Superman fights ever. If you haven't seen him and Supergirl take down Darkseid you missed a hell of a fight. I hope they continue the series, I want to see Batzarro animated.

Want to go to the premiere? Send your details and why you want to go here [email protected] and maybe you'll get in .

Unless you already member of the Paley Center tickets maybe be completly gone for this event

All-Star Superman

Thursday, February 17, 2011
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles

In Person

James Denton, Voice of Superman
Bruce Timm, Executive Producer (he created Batman: The Animated Series and is basically in charge of WB animation)
Sam Liu, Director
Dwayne McDuffie, Writer
Andrea Romano, Dialogue/Casting Director