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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LA Art Show 2011

The LA Art Show was stunning as ever this year with multiple pieces in different styles all over the Convention Center. You could get lost in the the multiple pieces.  I got lost and couldn't decide what I liked the most. There was also a series of lectures in the back . I only stayed a little for the Materials and Applications lecture. I've mentioned them on the site before and have been to there art spot many times. There always doing something. It was fun to hear how they've done commercial work for big companies based on the weird stuff they put out around LA. I think I passed by Shepard Fairey at one point.

This year had a showcase of Chinese art galleries. Showing off some fantastic work.

 I really enjoyed the piece on Facebook. Just think about how it's really just a layer until you meet the person.

Artists were doing big magnificent pieces for the passerby to ogle at. Smelling the pants reminds you that creating art might be fun as looking at it.

This isn't a camera problem, the statue was made squished, then the fun house mirror straightens it out. If you look to long at the piece it plays tricks with your eyes.

A piece about guns, hoe could I not enjoy it.

 Rocket packs with funky hair-doos.

This piece is just a optical illusion,but if you looked down you thought it was a dark tunnel that cover into the earth.
Pop culture stays alive no matter what, so Superman head to make an appearance.

The different colors, techniques, and just ideas that flow from pieces make this event stand out. There were even some pieces requirimg interaction to make sounds. Maybe some new art will be judged by how it sounds and looks.