Sunday, January 2, 2011

Get Your Gantz On

A one night only showing of Gantz live action is happening January 20th at multiple LA theaters.
 Gantz live action is based on a strange sci-fi mystery anime. It involves battling aliens with awesome weapons. It also kind of works like a video game. If you do well in fights you can buy upgrades or even bring back a player. BTW no one really knows why the Hell they're fighting aliens.

The anime was a bit more hardcore than usual. There should be some great fights in this one. It seems like it was made with a lot of money behind it, so look forward to good special effects.

The most entertaining part of Gantz is that regular people are taken when the die and put in sci-fi suits and told to fight aliens. If that doesn't make sense go see the movie.
This will be playing at multiple theaters in the LA area
To find one near you search here

price seems to be around $10 if you get it at the box office. Online tacks on service charge.

Remember this is a one day deal.