Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 Mickey Mouse Game Is Like Poo

First Up Force Unleashed 2 For Review

Vader's Clones by ~pan77155 on deviantART
I've only played for it for 3 hours, and I've already killed an entire squadron imperial troopers, killed a giant monster in awesome attack reminiscent of Dragonball, and dealt with moral issues being a clone.

Right off bat your thrown into action shocking Darth Vader and going on the run. I didn't want to stop playing, I literally played three hours straight.

What surprised was the story didn't suck. I'm kind of shocked to see how well written it is. The clone of Starkiller (thats who your playing as) brings up right away he's just a clone and how messed up that is. After watching those terrible prequels, it's  good to see some emotions in the Star Wars universe. Starkiller get angry and frustrated as do other characters as the story unfolds. I wishing this writing is around if the live action show ever gets off the ground.

Gameplay can be disjointed. Sometimes there are a few enemies, then there might be too many. You have so many different powers to fight them with. I wish the special enemies could be taken out with more than two special moves that I have to keep spamming to finally kill them. Boss fights are fun and hard, and big. So far my enemies have been huge compared to me. However it's fun to have so many ways to brutally kill people with force powers. Just tossing someone into a giant fan or smashing them through a window into space, before the shields go up.

I'd say get it when it goes down in price to $40 bucks I'm sure you'll want to replay it a second time for unlockables and just for fun.

Update: Okay, I beat the game in a day. I gotta say that last boss fight of the three that were in the game dragged on for quite a whilte. I'm not happy with how fast the game ended. Also the lack of diffeent levels and enemies was kind of a bring down. The game should have just been longer. The dlc should have been included in the game, I'm sure there was plent of room on the disc.

I also noticed some sound problems. During a fight with Vader his breathing unit keeps going much faster than it should. It sounds like a ashtma attack.

The dlc had some fun little kicks like kicking ewoks (A+X) , but killing (spoilers) Han Solo and Chewie is depressing. Han Solo dying is horrible. Fighting Princess Leia as a Jedi is fun and a rip on the Star Wars comics and alternate universes. It's only 80 points. What's strange is the dlc for the first game is still 800 points for new levels.

I have to sat playing the game through one time on medium was enough. It's really just a rental and a short one at that.

Epic Mickey Fails

Disney Epic Mickey by ~elrukuu on deviantART

Epic Mickey Fails in many ways. My main gripe has to be sense of scale. From the art that was found online I imagined a huge world to explore. It's not a small world, but it is a partioned world areas are closed off. I thought the world would be a sandbox game like GTA and I have plenty to explore, but no. I believed Mickey was going to be small like Shadow of Colussus in comparison to the environmet. He isn't. Graphicaly, the game isn't that pleasing, it looks bulky. Also to go around you haved to go through very poorly done platform levels where you can't use your powers. These platform levels are tedious and take you out of the game.

The stories just stupid, it doesn't really make sense or even seem to matter. It's like Mickey went through a mirror to another world, now go help gremlins, because I don't know your not doing anything else.

What I did enjoy was Mickey's powers which were to paint and create and fix the world and thinner which was used to destroy and delete pieces of the world. Aim is off though, whenever I point at something it doesn't always hit, even when its dead on. Rebuilding a house or destroying a wall to find a secret are fun to see. I just wished the whole world could have that, not just certain pieces of it that you can kind of see due to transparency.

Camera sucks.

Enemies are stupid and forgettable. I also don't like the only way to defeat them is basically melt them with thinner. It kind of looks like the Judge from Roger Rabbit dying in that green stuff.

Why no voice acting. I don't want to read every little characters thought. People in the voice industry need to work. I have no idea why any modern game doesn't have voice acting in cut scenes.

Sure, there's plenty of back story and side quests, but when the game isn't fun to play it's pointless.

This is just another flop from Disney Interactive Studios like that awful Tron Game. Enough complaining.

Don't rent or buy.