Monday, January 24, 2011

Can We Get Another Gantz, Over Here? or Gantz Premiere: Screaming Girls Never Stop Screaming!

Gantz premiered in Hollywood last Thursday (1/20/11) to a sold out crowd of Japanese girls who would not stop screaming. The screamed, waved banners, and talked about how darn cute actors Kazunari Ninomiya  and Kenichi Matsuyama were. My god, hearing hundreds of girls swoon or go, "aww" are sounds to behold. While they fell in love with the J-Pop pretty boys, I fell in love with the movie Gantz.

Gantz special effects alone make it Hollywood level. It's not like a cheap independent movie it's real sci-fi fun up there with the new Star Trek. The way you get transported doesn't seem as fun as it's much more gross. 

(Warning spoilers ahead)

It's much more like a video game then Star Trek. Basically when you die, Gantz( giant black ball with guns and a man hooked up inside) brings you back to do missions. You fight different aliens and I mean very different aliens on the missions. You also get odd sci-fi guns and a suit that gives you super powers. Earn enough poitns and you don't do any more missions and your memory's erased. It's like getting to be a superhero in a video game. The problem is it's still real life so you don't have extra lives, well you kind of do, but they cost 100 points and it's a bit hard to earn that much. The different fight build up to just a great ending battle against three video game boss like characters.
(End of Spoilers)

Like I was saying the movie's like a video game where you get super powers and fight aliens, except your still in the real world and consequences can happen.

The nights event wasn't complete until the Q&A with Kazunari Ninomiya  and Kenichi Matsuyama. This was a laugh riot for me because of the Japanese girls screaming all the time over everything they said. The two actors were funny and made some great jokes.  The translators since both don't speak much English were working over time. Sometimes Kenichi's couldn't keep up. There were stories of baking a birthday cake and of Gantz 3: Stand behind the translators, because if Kenichi was really in Gantz thats what he'd do he said.

He said Gantz 3 because Gantz 2 seems to have been already shot and maybe just needs finishing up in post. Like everybody else at the the premiere I agree on having another premiere here Hollywood. Bring the two stars of the movie, but next time bring the girls from Gantz,  maybe in the tight suits from the movie.