Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rejoice! The IT Crowd Season 4 Is Out

Taking you places a stylish nerd comedy has never gone before!

If your not up to speed Roy, Moss, and Jen are the IT Department in Reynholm Industries. They get into more trouble than Vista. This British comedy takes the simple office sitcom and turns it into a show for nerds, by a huge nerd Graham Linehan, who has a massive head. That massive head is filled with funny ideas, funny ideas that make this show stand out as one of the funniest sitcoms in the last four years. You like Big Bang Theory? Shoot it in the face and leave it in a field, this will blow you to a kingdom of far better comedy.

Moss and Roy are getting into trouble as IT nerds do all the time, well these IT nerds. New problems arise in every episode. Jen does no better as their relationship manager and having no knowledge of fixing computers. 

This season they face a robot, Windows Vista, being criminals, Dungeons and Dragons, divorce, Feminists, trophies, misspelling words, game shows, ass kissery and seeing a bit of the courtroom more than once.

Geek jokes plow through every episode with little snippets at everything.  Every episode is a welcome gust of if all sitcoms actually weren't terrible and mattered to the people that were watching them. Hearing Moss, Jen and Roy talk is like a symphony right before the climax. Hearing nerd-om spewed out is like watching a painting come to life, but not in a horror movie way. I wish I had taken more English classes in college to expand on what I'm writing, but simply put The IT Crowd is the finest sitcom for nerds ever.

Making a sex tape about Star Trek, Yes.

Don't be too sad George, maybe you can come back next season.

The DVD has the 4th season or series 4 that's what they like to call it in Britain. The DVD has many extras and commentary on every episode by creator Graham Linehan. The people of IT Crowd are nerdy to the core so the DVD menus always have to be over the top That's why this time they weren't only inspired by vectorpark, but by the same guy who made Feed the Head and Windosill, they actual creator.J

You can buy it here.

MPI was nice enough to provide copies to view