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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Q Pop Shop All You Need To Know or Sometimes Other Blogs Beat You Too The Punch

In my last post about Q Pop Shop I gloated about beating Laist about reporting it's existence. Now the shoe is on the other foot or mouse my shoe or some computer reference joke. As I stated at the end of the article I wished to have a interview with Chris Mitchell  the owner of the store. This has already happened.

God damn Kalamari Kastle has a interview with Christopher here. The interview is great explaining Chris' background in animation and how he came to create Q Shop. It also goes over how it's an art gallery and a store and having artist friends is nice.The post talks of the murals of the store going up which is funny to me as I was there when Elizabeth Ito and Kevin Dart were painting them. So Kalamari Kastle has been added to my enemies list in the lower right next to LA Ghost Patrol.

What the article didn't have was a picture of Chris, but I do. So suck on that Kalamari. Maybe, next time hav a picture of who you interviewing. Journalism 101.

Junko Mizuno might have a mural up, too.

To my bewilderment a friend of Chris posted a revealing article about how the store was thought up and made.
The Making Of

The interior was created by Justin Thompson click on his name to see more sketches of the Q Pop Shop. Thank goodness they didn't put up the Andy Warhol crap near the sitting area.

Miki Panteepo is also running the store and is Chris' girlfriend. She was really nice and took my picture the last time I came in. The store seems to be a big pull to go to Little Tokyo and another place to find imports without heavy shipping costs.

Grand Opening January 29th

Q Pop Shop
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012