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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

There are other Marvel heroes in LA then the Punisher?

The Punisher keeps the body count coming in Nathan Edmonsdon's arc of the Punisher in LA.

LA Downtown News grabbed up some info on some future shoot-outs and take-downs for Frank Castle with their article  

The Punisher Comes to Downtown, And That’s a Good Thing

"In addition to grabbing grub at the Main Street eatery, Castle will do battle with nefarious villains all around Los Angeles. In future issues Downtowners will see the vigilante stock up on emergency supplies at the Broadway Army Store and belly up to the counter at China Café in Grand Central Market. There will also be cameos for the Rosslyn Hotel, the Million Dollar Theatre, the Ritz-Carlton tower at L.A. Live and the 121-year-old Bradbury Building. "

Did you know that Punisher isn't the only character in LA right now? Why Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) are livin it up in LA as well.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), written by Matt Fraction with art by Annie Wu splits between NY based Clint Barton and the female Hawkeye, Kate Bishop who roams LA. Her adventures so far have been nothing but depressing low level mysteries and hero-for-antics. She's not saving the world and she's barely making rent.

Robbie Reyes the new Ghost Rider, written by Felipe Smith with art by Trade Moore has only been around for one issue and so far it's been a really bad day  for Reyes ending with him being shot a million times and becoming the Ghost Rider. Big difference to the look of the character. This Ghost Rider will be driving a muscle car and has an alien/robot looking skull of fire.

Both these new versions of heroes still must contend with their namesakes being alive  Leading to many annoying Green Lantern like conversations of: "Oh, which Ghost Rider are you?," or "Wait, when did Hawkeye, become a chick?"

TTDILA might be following the future adventures of Ghost Rider - until Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye's story starts getting better in the sense of how depressing her life is TTDILA will wait.