Monday, April 14, 2014

Sherman Oaks Hospital Sucks

Steve Hofstetter, a local comedian, had to go to the emergency room at Sherman Oaks Hospital in December for a large cut to his finger, his bill was a whopping $2,807.35. He itemized how much the hospital was charging him for supplies, the hospital had charged him $1,358.15 for just over $100 worth of supplies.

You can read all about it here

"When I got the stitches removed, my doctor told me that not only did they incorrectly put one of the stitches touching a nerve (which is why I was in so much pain), but they also used five stitches when they should have used eight. My finger will never heal properly because of that, and I thought about suing for malpractice. Then I realized that they were just trying to save me money. By their calculations, three more sutures would have cost another grand."