Thursday, April 17, 2014

LEEDIR, Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository

LEEDIR is the newest app for you the LA resident who wishes to cover crime or any other wrong doing. The free app lets you record video and pictures of events for the LAPD. This odd release came just days before the reveal that the LA Sheriff's Department can basically Google Earth areas of LA after a crime takes place and see what happened after multiple city cameras take a look.

How much more info does the LAPD and LASD need when they've had problems maintaining current cameras downtown, one situation which led to a sad realization that a robbery suspect would get away because the camera that could have caught them on tape wasn't working. That and the recent news of LAPD officers turning off antennas off their patrol cars. You have current programs that officers will be fitted with cameras  while on duty.

Is their any structure in place to maintain this data? Where is it stored? Who holds jurisdiction on it? Too many questions with no answers and no oversight.

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