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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Tom and Jerry Show is really bad

The Tom and Jerry Show premiered today April 9th on Cartoon Network alongside a brand new Teen Titans Go episode and a short Batman cartoon by Bruce Timm. It shouldn't even be on the same network with the other two- the level of how bad it was, ugggh.
This new Tom and Jerry Show doesn't come directly from Warner Bros Animation, but from Renegade Animation, not known for anything that good. The animation is cheap, the jokes are cheap and the writing makes little to no sense.

An example from the first episode is Tom throwing soap at Jerry's face in a fight. Now to anyone whose watched Tom and Jerry before, Jerry would swallow the soap and burp out some bubbles. That doesn't happen. Jerry slides on the soap like a surfboard to nothing, he just rides some soap.

The strangest bit might have been from a one-eyed lizard that had a striking resemblance to the Macaroni and Cheese dinosaur from years ago. He had lines that made no sense within the story.

You get what you pay for an I assume Renegade was picked as the cheapest animation studio they could get to make the show and it shows.

Future episodes are to have voice talent from stars like Jason Alexander, y'know cause kids love him. What a waste of money.