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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Art of Ian Miller Review What The Hell Is That Thing?

The Art of Ian Miller
Retails for $34.99

Ever wonder where the art from your scariest nightmares came from? No? Too bad or good if you like defeating your inner fears and finding whose behind them. Perhaps, that's too much for 300 pieces from Ian Miller.

 If you've ever seen art from Tolkien books, Warhammer 40,000 art or anything related to Gothic horror from England over the years  and its unnerved you, Ian Miller might be the culprit. This new book collects drawings of misshapen men and monsters battling and somethings that shouldn't be seen other than by horror enthusiasts.

Ian Miller recalls the drawing himself with insight into a a ugly looking fished used by Greenpeace to a Mountains of Madness cover with some horrid creature made up of eyes, mouth, scales and veins, protruding in every direction.

An art book that can give you nightmares and it's not even the ugly modern art you might find around LA.

Mr. Miller swears to take no drugs to get the visions of his work. Even when he worked in LA in the 1970's on the cult classic Wizards. Miller recall's his time in LA as, "After a frugal time at the Gaylord Hotel near Union Square, where the lift threatened to die every day and the highlight of the week was free donuts and coffee on Sunday, West Hollywood and Melrose avenue was something else."