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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Devastator Apocalypse Review There Are Still Funny Books?

 The Devastator

The world doesn't end with a bang, it ends with fart jokes. The Devastator- a jovial collection of comics and humor in a small format reading print with each quarterly issue having a different theme. The latest issue captured the Apocalypse, not the 90's X-Men villain, a collection of satirical takes on what the apocalypse might hold or how television will progress with so many dead.

The first time I picked up The Devastator was a few years back and indie magazine fair that took place at the Last Book Store in downtown LA. What they were selling was humor and indie comics from multiple artists.

This devasting issue had Michael Deforge, a comic artist so well received he made it into the 2013 Best American Comics, along with was Paul Scheer, the ever-going on bald comedian. They did their best to make fun of the bitter end of the world alongside many others from television or comedy.

Devastator's Apocalypse issue didn't grab TTDILA, it had it's moments like Cathair Apocalypse, about cats stuck on a slaveship rowing to a promised land. The all new horsemen of the Apocalypse made redditors and Wi-Fi connectivity scary again. There's even a joke about Evangelion in there from a guide from the last living cat where all of humanities consciousnesses has become one.

Even with all that there was no punch or not enough of going to a darkplace, all the jokes fall like they were sugercoated. It remind me of picking up a Mad Magazine recently and then putting it backdown because you outgrew it when you were twelve.

TTDILA is a big fan of the apocalypse and it was a bit of a let down.Maybe next issue will be more fun with an attack on Otaku.

Super Advanced Wizards of C*ckblock Forest
also from The Devastator seems like it might be more fun