Friday, April 11, 2014

Batman: Strange Days Online

The new animated short Batman: Strange Days from Bruce Timm for the failing and time slot changing DC Nation on Cartoon Network is online. Batman: Strange Days has Bruce Timm doing what he does best, actually animating instead of being a worthless behind the scenes administrator.

 A great piece of animation, which might be the only new thing on DC Nation then Teen Titans Go! with nothing else set to come out this year and Beware the Batman missing from the line-up.

TTDILA still doesn't understand Cartoon Network's bizarre procedure of not showing finished episodes of Beware the Batman, which would cost them nothing to show and could still draw in some fans.

The show is lackluster in TTDILA's opinion and we're happy to see it go, but for those loyal to the show and basic common sense of getting viewers with new content why not just have a marathon of new episodes? Put that bat out on a damn Tuesday night and get some extra viewers.

Cartoon Network, the channel that doesn't give a crap about schedules or WB animation.